What About Hair Transplantation?

When you are losing your hair, it is always a shock, even if you are expecting it. You get to go for so many years of your life with a full head of hair and then, one day, it all starts to fall out, or at least it does in a slow fashion. You probably already know about some of the solutions available and many of them do work, but only in certain circumstances.

For example, there is a common hair loss condition among men and it is called “androgenic alopecia.” This simply means that strong male hormones in men are inducing the hair loss. Normal testosterone is converted by a man’s body into a very strong form that can cause some problems in the body. One of these issues is hair loss. It can often be treated with topical medications if caught early.

On the other hand, if the situation has gone on too long and gone too far, this type of approach will not work as well. You should then look to the services for hair transplant Atlanta clinics offer. In fact, there are some of the best clinics in the Atlanta area, so you are not ever far away from hair transplant solutions.

Hair transplants work by literally transplanting hair from your body to the head. Is that not amazing? What hair? You might wonder this. The fact of the matter is the body is covered with real hair follicles even though most of them do not produce hair. As for the ones that do, they can be extracted and transplanted to the scalp with permanent and pleasing results.

hair transplant Atlanta

So, rather than having to deal with a wig or combing your hair in a rather dorky fashion, you can have real hair restored. Does this not sound like a better option?