Novel MRI Scans and Better Diagnostics

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scans are now the mainstay for complete body and soft tissue imaging with the greatest accuracy compared to any other types of scans. It is argued that CT scans are more accurate and actually both are true. There are some images which show up better on one compared to the other. This is why it is good to have both. It is just that an MRI shows more regardless.

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One of the main issues with MRI when it was first developed was the small space which patients had to fit into in order to get the most accurate scans. This was the case for many years before the open MRI was developed. You can still find both the classic and now the open field MRI machines at the better imaging centers in the country. For example, you can find a center for mri scan west nyack residents trust when their doctors say such a scan is needed.

Usually, an MRI scan is done when the patient is lying down. This is because it relaxes the body and the patient will remain still due to the body being decompressed as it avoids many gravitational stresses. The patient is also recumbent in the open MRI. It is easy to see how the scans are only catching bone and tissue images from a single perspective.

As this became apparent, the upright MRI was developed. Some patients cannot lie down due to the pain it causes them and some cannot stand upright. Now there is a way to do an MRI on anyone who needs it. Since it was first developed, the standing MRI has demonstrated more comprehensive diagnostics than other varieties.

Injuries will often show up better when the body is stressed by upright gravity. At rest, there are still active muscles and any imbalances can make even just sitting highly uncomfortable.