At Last, Americans Are Eating More Fish

Fish is an ideal food. It is high in protein and eating seafood is increasingly common in the US and each year growth the trend is continuing. Omega-3 fatty acids offer great health benefits on their own but eating fish as an alternative to red meat is having a positive effect on the population health overall.

One – Education

In the first place people have to understand what is available and what to do with it. People might think a can of tuna is easy to deal with, but what to do with a filet of Tilapia is another thing altogether.

Two – Eating Seafood at Home

Eating seafood seems to come with a lot of rules and so often people will happily choose it in a restaurant, but not at home. This is where the seafood merchandiser comes in.

How the fish is displayed and what it is near is going to open up a conversation with a customer. Displaying fish next to pineapples creates a topical feel and gives the customer a clue how they might cook it. Customers are no longer afraid to ask – there’s too much variety for one person to know everything and so the fishmonger is a welcome source of ideas and inspiration.

Seafood Fresh

Of all food types a fishy smell can be off- putting. There is a skill to making sure that the display is attractive and colorful but above all fresh. Put out less at quieter times and add additional rows at popular times. Make sure that the display pieces look good. A whole fish should have bright clear eyes for example. If they are dull remove them. It is not just that fish that will not sell. Customers will bypass the entire fish case.